Paintless dent removal expo show

     Saturday, January 27th, 2018. This is the day SUBLINK went out to meet the world. It was exciting and scary, surreal and nerve-racking, a long time coming and upon us faster than we thought possible. Two years ago it seemed as if we had all the time in the world and that Friday night before the expo we looked back and wondered where all that time had gone. Here we were, with our baby, about to introduce it to all the people we knew would pick it apart. We aren't "Smart Repair" guys, or even in the automotive industry for that matter, but we had met and consulted with people from this very tight group and knew they were all down to earth types who found satisfaction in working with their hands. 

     Arriving at the hall on Friday afternoon we quickly moved our stuff to the booth location and promptly began setting up.  We didn't have much so it only took about 45 minutes to get everything done and organized. After the hard part was over we ventured around the expo hall for a while checking out various tools and talking to other exhibitors. I started to relax some but still felt the anxiety of knowing we would be in front of our potential customers the very next morning. 

     Finally, the day of the show! We headed to the hall on Saturday morning reciting some of the things we didn't want to forget to say and discussed how to answer certain questions. The biggest question was obviously going to be "So what is SUBLINK?".  That question was easy enough to answer and we were feeling very positive about all the comments and assurances we were receiving. And as it turned out, the second most asked question was "How do you (SUBLINK) make money?". Everyone wanted to know how we were going to recoup our investment. Before launching SUBLINK we discussed several ways to monetize it. The day will come were SUBLINK will have some kind of cost, that day is not today. With more features being added all the time, we will eventually slow down enough to focus on a fee structure. For now, the entire app is wide open, so we encouraged attendees to download and register.

     Sunday was the second and the last day of the show. We arrived at the hall somewhat early to wander around a bit more before the doors opened. After settling back into our booth that morning, we noticed that there was only about half the foot traffic, as the day before. This was a blessing in disguise. The reduction of attendees on Sunday allowed us more face time with people and we were able to answer questions to smaller groups without fearing that some could not hear us. Exhibitors all around us started tearing down their booths early that afternoon but we waited until the show was officially over. It all seemed so quick and now that it was over we felt ecstatic due to the undeniably positive response we received from both attendees and other exhibitors. We'll be back next year for sure and this time we will be interacting with SUBLINK users that have had time to use that system as well as promoting to potential new clients. 

     We gave away 5 new iPads with some very useful cases and screen protectors. All the winners were happy to win and it was fun awarding each and every one of them. Thank you, Mobile Tech Expo for allowing us to take part in such a great show. 

 2018 MTE iPad winner2018 MTE iPad winner

2018 MTE iPad winner2018 MTE iPad winner